Land Use Applications Under Review

Land Use Applications

  • Freeland Family PUD (Sketch Plan) - Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Freeland Jr. have applied for a sketch plan review for a 3 lot subdivision on a 26 acre parcel located at Sec. 14, Township 47 Range 9 (Application Status: Staff review complete, PDP application pending).

  • Fairway Pines Filing 6A Final Plat - (Application Status: Hearing date pending)

  • General Cannabis Labs - Application to modify the business entity structure (Application Status: Pending review by the Local Licensing Authority).

Land Use Code Revisions

  • NOTE:  The Board of County Commissioners recently enacted a moratorium on the issuance of building permits in the high alpine region (above 9,500').  The Planning Commission developed a draft and held a public hearing on July 19, 2016.  The Board of County Commissioners will now consider the Planning Commission recommendation at a public hearing scheduled for August 31, 2016. Click HERE to review all documents.
  • Land Use Code Revision - The Board of County Commissioners has requested that the Planning Commission prepare and make recommendation on a new Land Use Code section titled "Communication Facilities".  The purpose is to draft regulations that pertain to communication towers and other facilities associated with that use. (Application Status: Pending additional review by the BOCC).

  • Land Use Code Revision - The Board of County Commissioners directed Staff and the Planning Commission to review and make revisions to Section 24 "Wildfire Mitigation Regulations". (Application Status: The Planning Commission was recently holding workshops to review the regulations; but they have been put on hold to address high alpine regulations please refer to published agendas for dates and times).

Proposed Modifications to Existing Communications Facilities

  • Proposed modification to an existing communications facility at 1915 Gold Mountain Trail (Blowout Site), by Verizon Wireless.  Hearing date TBD.  Click here to review the application.