County Manager

The Ouray County Manager is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (Board) and serves at the pleasure of the Board. The County Manager serves as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Finance Director, and is appointed annually by the Board as Budget Officer. The County Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the County. The County Manager may represent the Board at policy meetings with Federal, State and Local entities, and may serve as the County’s spokesperson in absence of the Board or as directed by the Board.

The County Manager provides professional support to the Board of County Commissioners, supervises and is responsible for ensuring effective management of the following non-elected Department Heads and administrative staff.

  • Human Resources Director – Accounting Tech II
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Planning Director
  • Fairgrounds Manager
  • Chief Paramedic – EMS
  • Public Health Director (Board of Health and County Manager)
  • Facilities Manager
  • Road and Bridge Superintendent / Road Supervisor
  • Vegetation Manager
  • Administrative Specialist (2)
  • Emergency Manager (50/50 with Sheriff)
  • Public Information Officer

The County Manager attends and participates in Board of County Commissioners meetings and directs the preparation of the commissioner meeting agendas. The County Manager provides support to the Board by researching subjects of specific concern, and by developing, presenting and providing recommendations to the Board for its consideration.  

The County Manager is responsible for developing policies and procedures and implementing such policies and procedures adopted by the Board of County Commissioners. In addition, the annual Ouray County Budget is developed, presented and managed by the County Manager. The County Manager prepares financial reports for distribution to County Departments, apprises the Board of the County’s financial condition, and ensures fiscal responsibility in adherence with the adopted County Budget.