GIS: Geographic Information System (IT Department)

The GIS (geographic information system) staff supports Ouray County departments by producing and maintaining GIS data, most frequently used in the production of graphics and maps (cartography).

​On-Line Parcel and GIS Data

Due to budget and staffing limitations, Ouray County is unable to provide a robust on-line GIS mapping service at this time.
On-line parcel information is available on the Assessor's webpage.

A GoogleEarth-compatible Parcel layer is available for download (see below).

A draft ArcGIS web map is in development.
(See link below)

Draft GIS Data Layers Availability 

Ouray County GIS is currently revising our GIS base layers.
At this time, requests for Ouray County GIS data should be emailed to Ouray County GIS staff.

Note to Users

All graphics, maps, and GIS data are intended for reference purposes only; most products are in a draft state, often containing known and unknown errors. The user assumes all risk, and acknowledges that using any Ouray County graphics, maps, or data for a purpose other than those intended, or at a different scale, may lead to unintended results.

Graphics, maps, and data may be updated without notice.
 Ouray County Road Map - 2014-014 Exhibit A thumbnailOfficial Ouray County Road Map, July, 2014 - showing Public Routes ONLY, not a complete transportation map.Official County Road Map, 2014 (.pdf format)Official County Road Map, showing County maintained routes and other Public Routes in the county. NOT a complete transportation map, - private routes, etc. not shown. (Resolution 2014-014, Exhibit A)
 Ouray County Historic Route Index thumbnail - 2014-014 Exhibit BOuray County Historic Route Index Ouray County Historic Route Index (.pdf format)Chart showing historic and current mapping and other documents which support Public Routes shown on the Official Ouray County Road Map (Resolution 2014-014, Exhibit B).
Road Map
Ouray Draft Road Map 2009 - transportation map ONLY, NOT up to date w/current Official County Road Map.DRAFT Transportation Road Map, 2009 (.pdf file format)
A draft (2009) 48" x 36" map showing County Roads and Other roads (private, Forest Service, etc.), useful to navigate in Ouray County.
See 'Official County Road Map for the current County- maintained routes.
ArcGIS parcel map thumbArcGIS web map (DRAFT) A draft ArcGIS web map is under development.
You may view it here:  
Link to new ArcGIS map viewer (link revised 2/1/23)
 All data is assumed current as of the date of the file, however, spatial or attribute accuracy are not guaranteed; this data is provided for reference only. 
assessor information is available online.
Earth Parcel Data
Google Earth Parcel Data -

This file will be updated periodically, please note file date.

Download here: Google Earth Parcel DRAFT
(updated 09-29-2023)
A draft county parcel data set is available for use with the free Google Earth viewer, showing approximate parcel boundaries and partial assessor information.
Once you have downloaded the .kmz file to your computer, open it with GoogleEarth.
The viewer, which can be downloaded online, is not supported by Ouray County.
By choosing to download the data, the user assumes all responsibility for it's use, and acknowledges the information may not be correct. The user may not modify, make available, sell, or otherwise transfer this data set in any way.

All data is assumed current as of the date of the file, however, spatial or attribute accuracy are not guaranteed; this data is provided for reference only. Up-to-date assessor information is available online.