Fairgrounds Advisory Council

  • Quarterly as scheduled by the Fairgrounds Manager. Notification will be in the from of a postcard mailed to the address of record for each FAC Member. 
  • Terms were eliminated


Name  Committee Phone Alternate
 Kat Papenbrock  Ouray Chamber and Resort Association

 Tamara Gulde
 Lezah Saunders  Ouray City Council

 Bruce Norwood  Ouray County 4-H Council

Jill Norwood
 Erin Stadleman  Ouray County Cattleman's Association

 Jack Flowers  Ouray County Fair Board

 Sue Carmody
 Sue Hillhouse  Ouray Performing Arts Guild

 John Young  Ouray County Rodeo Association  729-2050
 Jim Blankmeyer  Ouray County Roping Club  626-3086
 Jim Pettingill  Ridgway Railroad Museum  626-5181 Karl Schaeffer
 Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce 318-0150
 Jennifer Jossi   Ridgway Community Pride 626-3693  
   Ridgway Town Council   Jen Coates
Kelly Goodin  Second Chance Humane Society
 Ashely King-Grambley   Weehawken Creative Arts 708-3855  Stephanie Wallen
 Steve Stadleman  San Juan Critters & Crafts 4-H Open Gymkhana Club 275-6051  Erin Stadleman