Marijuana Licensing Information


Marijuana related businesses are allowed in Ouray County as regulated by the State of Colorado, Marijuana Enforcement Division, and provided for in Ouray County Ordinance No. 2018-002 and permitted by the Local Licensing Authority (BOCC sitting as the Local Licensing Authority). Marijuana businesses allowed include:

  •           Marijuana Cultivation
  •           Marijuana Products Manufacturing (MIPS)
  •           Retail Marijuana Stores (dispensary)
  •           Marijuana Testing Facilities 
  • Marijuana Research and Development Facilities

Ouray County allows a maximum of 10 cultivation licenses. Contact Land Use Staff at (970) 626-9775 to inquire about available licenses (Note: All licensed cultivation facilities may or may not be operational.

If you have questions regarding State of Colorado regulations on marijuana-related businesses you are encouraged to view the State MED web page at:

If you have questions regarding marijuana-related businesses in Ouray County, or, wish to log a complaint against an existing marijuana business, please contact the Land Use Department at: (970) 626-9775. Note: Complaints regarding marijuana-related businesses may be made anonymously.

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