Short Term Rental Permitting



Short-Term Rentals in unincorporated Ouray County * are regulated through Ordinance No. 2018-003 as adopted by the Board of County Commissioners and available here:

* Note: The City of Ouray and Town of Ridgway have adopted their own regulations regarding short-term rentals. 

Short-Term Rentals in Ouray County are defined as: “…the rental of a single-family dwelling or accessory dwelling, or any portion thereof, for not more than thirty (30) days, where no meals are serviced or provided to those leasing or renting the dwelling space.

The operation of a short-term rental in Ouray County requires prior issuance of a Short-Term Rental Permit from the Land Use Department. Short-Term Rental Permits have been capped by the County Commissioners at a maximum of #100 permits issued at any time. At this time, all #100 permits have been issued. You may request to be placed on a ‘wait list’ by accessing:

When you access the page linked above you will click on the APPLY link in order to be placed on the wait list. You will be required to enter the same information as you would if you were applying for a Short-Term Rental Permit.

Please be aware that property owners with accessory dwelling-units may be required to pay additional tap fees and are encouraged to contact their water provider for more specific information. For questions on short-term rentals or any zoning-related matter, please contact the Ouray County Land Use Department at: (970) 626-9775.

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