Marijuana Ordinance Revisions

Ordinance 2019-001 Marijuana Cultivation Facility License Regulations Revision

  • Ordinance 2019-001  Providing for the Licensing and Permitting of Marijuana Cultivation Facilities, Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facilities, Retail Marijuana Stores, Marijuana Store, Marijuana Testing Facilities, and Marijuana Research and Development Facilities  
  • Resolution 2021-017 Finding that a Moratorium on the Acceptance of Applications for a License and Permit to Operate any  Marijuana Facilities in Unincorporated Ouray County is Necessary; and Ordering the Moratorium effective April 28, 2021 to Remain Until New Regulations are Adopted or for Six Months Unless extended for Good Cause
  • Resolution 2021-035 Extending the Moratorium Enacted by Resolution 2020-017 for another six months, or when new regulations are adopted, whichever occurs first
  • Resolution 2022-012 Extending the Marijuana Cultivation Facility Moratorium for another six months, or when updated regulations are adopted, whichever occurs first. 

Work Sessions

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To submit a comment to the Board of County Commissioners regarding the Marijuana Ordinance revisions, email the Deputy Clerk of the Board.  Questions can be directed to (970)325-7320.